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Persistable object relational mapping in Javascript



Opinionated Rails framework for designing RESTful APIs



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I want to help you achieve your purpose.

I know what it is like to see a vision for your organization and work toward it each day. Sometimes, the technology to accomplish what you need doesn't seem readily available. I can help your organization overcome these obstacles.

Buy vs. build is a question that comes up a lot, especially when resources are limited. Whether your purpose requires an advisor to help you assemble existing technologies into a solution to fit your needs, or an application developer to architect a new product, I can help you meet your technological needs with a long term strategy that respects short term constraints.


If we're talking about writing software:

I'm a Ruby on Rails + JS Developer who enjoys designing and developing full stack web applications, with an emphasis on API-driven development. Lately, I've been using React on Rails as a way to build isomorphic applications across desktop and native mobile. I've authored two open source libraries based around rapidly developing and consuming APIs, and together with React on Rails, I'm using them to write RESTful resource & React component driven applications that are easily digestible and fun to write! The movement going on to enable API integration of all meaningful applications on the Internet excites me, and that is why I use an API foundation for all of the applications I write.


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